Michelle Linn-Gust

Book Excerpt: The Australian Pen Pal by Michelle Linn-Gust

Excerpt – The Australian Pen Pal By Michelle Linn-Gust Chapter 3 They said she was becoming a star in Australia. As Rachel kept her eyes closed for the makeup application at the television studio, she wondered what that meant. She knew she had a following in the U.S. but the publicist at the publisher had [...]

Author Interview: Michelle Linn-Gust

Q. What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it? A. I believe it’s a story many people will resonate with. Many of us have an attraction to Australia thanks to “The Thorn Birds” (and Father Ralph!). We have this romantic ideal of the country. For me, the country is everything [...]

Author Profile: Michelle Linn-Gust

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. The Australian Pen Pal came from my wondering what happened to my real Australian pen pal (she stopped writing although I wrote several more letters, hoping maybe they were just lost). I was taking my second trip there to speak at a conference on suicide loss and [...]

Guest Blog – My Manuscripts That Wait

My Manuscripts That Wait By Michelle Linn-Gust The bottom drawer of my filing cabinet is filled with manila folders, each work a short title, each the beginnings of a novel. Some have short titles like The Swimmer while others are longer like Give Me a Buzi Before You Leave scrawled across the tab. I know [...]

Guest Blog – The Writing Life

The Writing Life By Michelle Linn-Gust Standing next to my shampoo and body wash in my shower is a scuba writing board. I’m not practicing for any undersea adventure, I have no intention of ever scuba diving. Instead, it’s there because I got caught one day in the shower with something I wanted to write [...]

Guest Blog – I Heart Australia

I Heart Australia by Michelle Linn-Gust I can’t confirm which came first: “The Love Boat” episode where cruise director Julie almost marries an Australian or the mini-series “The Thorn Birds” staring Richard Chamberlain as Father Ralph. The Father Ralph. I was eleven years old and he was one of my first crushes. Now I wonder [...]