Author Profile: Carol Snow

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. I wanted to explore the ways in which assisted reproduction affects family dynamics. Q. Do you have any secret writing tips you’d like to share? A. Always remember the three C’s: cats, chips and caffeinated beverages. Surround yourself with these things and then plant yourself [...]

Book Excerpt: What Came First by Carol Snow

1. Laura The chickens are getting restless. It is just past sunrise on a chilly Saturday morning in January, and insomnia kept my brain whirring until after two a.m. Now all I want to do is stay buried under my hypoallergenic faux-down comforter and return to the dream that is already slipping away. But the [...]

Guest Blog: Title Search

Title Search By: Carol Snow In my computer, I have a file for each of my seven books, each folder filled with marketing plans, cover designs, plot notes, and the manuscript in various stages of editing. For years, one of my folders was marked “Navel Gazing.” Another is called “Arizona.” When I need to find [...]


TAPPING THE CREATIVE WELL By: Carol Snow Legend has it that the entire plot of Twilight came to Stephenie Meyer in a dream. The next day she got out of bed and started typing. Not writing: typing. Because the entire book was just . . . there. In her head. Waiting to come out. If [...]

Guest Blog: A Mother Writes About Motherhood

A Mother Writes About Motherhood by: Carol Snow As the author of seven books, let me say this: I’ve always thought that whole “write what you know thing” is overrated. Maybe that’s because I find myself woefully low on novel-worthy first-hand experience, having been cursed with loving parents, a comfortable upbringing, a happy marriage and [...]