The LifeQuake Phenomenon by Toni Galardi

Q: What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it? Author: What excites me most about my topic is that I created a model for helping people overcome the fear of change that can have a collective effect as well. If we learn to anticipate when cycles in our lives are [...]

Guest Blog: Toni Galardi

Procrastination – Is It An Addiction or a Habit? I don’t think there is one answer for the why of this habit but I do think, most procrastinators share one belief: the fear of the unknown. If fear of success is truly about low self esteem and therefore self sabotage, at its heart is a [...]

Book Excerpt: Toni Galardi

The Heat Wave: Subtle Tremors We are so accustomed to disguising ourselves to others, that in the end we become disguised to ourselves. ~ La Rochefoucauld, 1613-1680 Change. What do you feel when you hear that word? For most of us, the thought of change brings on a mixture of excitement, anxiety, or all-out terror. [...]

Author Profile: Toni Galardi

Q: Why did you decide to write this book? A: I wrote this book because I had gone through three near fatal experiences over the course of twenty years as a result of my fear of making big changes. I had conducted workshops and public speaking appearances and had observed that there was a viable [...]

Jim Overturf – King’s Rapids

Q: What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it? Author: Writing about auto racing is the most exciting part of my books.  In real life, auto racing can be rather mundane.  In my novels, I can enhance and glamorize the experience (since it’s my fictive world), as I follow the [...]

Guest Blog: Jim Overturf

Keeping Track of Characters in a Series of Novels Writing a series of novels, with one protagonist and a multitude of support characters, presents the author with a major challenge in keeping track of all these people, especially from book to book.  The characters fall into two groups.  The first group is the “repeat cast,” [...]

Book Excerpt: Jim Overturf

CHAPTER ONE Kurt Maxxon Early Friday Morning, September 8 I thought I’d left the TV on again. Occasionally, when I fall asleep in my recliner, I wake up to the TV news. Voices brought me out of my deep sleep and, nearing consciousness, I suddenly realized I was in my camper—and sat bolt upright.  I [...]

Author Profile: Jim Overturf

I started formulating the storylines and plots for the Kurt Maxxon series in the late 1980s, using an engineer as the protagonist, who like myself, traveled around the county solving client problems.  Unlike myself, however, Kurt found dead bodies every once in a while when he arrived at an assignment. I scratched out notes, scenes, [...]

Book Excerpt: Joseph O’Donnell, Deathly Codes

Chapter One Sometimes, a simple decision can change everything. It was the first Saturday in November, and the temperatures in the Greater Boston area were unseasonably warm.  Jennifer Clark walked into the kitchen of her contemporary home in Newton Highlands and pulled back the black-and-white checkered curtains that covered the sliding doors leading out to [...]

Guest Blog: Joseph O’Donnell

Your First Line:  The “Hook” That Gets Your Novel Off the Bookshelves and Onto the Check-out Counter JP O’Donnell Author of FATAL GAMBLE and DEADLY CODES: A GALLAGHER NOVEL Charles Dickens could never have imagined that his first line in A TALE OF TWO CITIES would become a benchmark in the lexicon of literary [...]

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